Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Individual Postings/Reflections/Experiences


  1. I attended a health related CHW workshop where the CHW Instructor provided a five step change theory for how to respond to diabetes patients. Following the formal presentation case studies were offered and those present were asked to provide responses to each case study using one of the five steps as an answer.

    People did not respond to the invitation to participate. The instructor gave the answers. Then time was up, on to the next topic.

    Is this the way CHW instruction is to be offered?
    What are other ways the group could have been included in the discussion? Participant reponses after the session centered around "feeling excluded from the topic," even though several in attendance were diabetics.

  2. Speaking from experience, i.e. previous training experience, the instructor failed to engage the audience. Adult attention span is about 45 minutes,if you don't get their attention right off the bat, then the battle is lost. More focus on refining the skills of instructors is sorely needed. Instructors must display the same passion for instruction as the CHW's have for the work they do.

  3. Is there a need to move from cooperative, predetermined CHW training to a more collaborative, experience based emphasis on what the learner knows, wants to know and needs to know to fulfill the CHW role?

    Who is even talking about the role(s) of the CHW?

  4. A new year and new opportunities for community health workers to receive recognition. Note the recent Robert Wood Johnson Foundation article, "Raising the flag for community health workers." What are your thoughts?