Sunday, May 30, 2010

Issues for the emerging workforce

Message Preview: "An emerging workforce for CHWs needs to have partners who see the role and eudcation a CHW can bring to that work place. Educating CHWs through cooperation with the workforce can be a vehicle to the development of these partners.

For more details on this issue refer to the latest World Health Organization publication on public health and education. It addresses the two issues"

Partnerships for CHW employment

What CHWs can do

See the following two links as examples of what CHWs can do to provide cleaner and better water for their communities. It is known as the water filtration project based at Texas A & M, College of Architecture, Center for Housing and Urban Affairs.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Individual Postings/Reflections/Experiences

Issues for this emerging work force

Community Health Worker

Welcome. This blog is intended to hear from and talk with CHWs who are working in their community. We welcome ideas, reflections and suggestions for the role. Employment opportunities are also needed.